Culinary expertise
1 year ago

Training on “textures” for Newrest teams in New Caledonia


Culinary know-how: an eternal learning process

It is in the kitchens of the GIEP-NC in Nouville that Newrest teams were able to participate in a training session organized by the Group for Professional Insertion and Evolution (GIEP).

The aim of this training was to understand and differentiate modified textures (liquid, smooth mixed, thick mixed, cut…) to match therapeutic diets according to the menus. This allows cooking staff to offer balanced meals in terms of nutrition and texture.

There is a double objective: to ensure food safety by avoiding choking and to prepare a therapeutic product to stimulate visual appetite.

They also had to learn how to enhance flavours and taste by working with spices, condiments and fresh herbs.

Training exported around the world

Newrest has already offered this type of training to Newrest Restauration team in France. The goal is to understand the subject of food safety for seniors through an adapted culinary proposal approach.

The teams are trained to play with different textures but also to acquire the good hand move, essential to restructure soft or liquid textures, by thickening, coagulating, gelling, shaping, or using cookie cutters.

Training talents is an essential step in developing unlimited culinary know-how, and being more innovative in the proposals to guests.

Formation Nouvelle Calédonie


Thu 04 2023

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