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Newrest’s QHSE expertise contributes to the ACA “Return Catering Guidance”





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Newrest’s QHSE catering know-how seduced the ACA

As an independent leader in the catering industry, Newrest has been part of the Airline Catering Association (ACA) since its beginning in 2018. Thanks to its QHSE expertise, the Group is very active in all projects as a member. Driven by its know-how, its objective throughout this initiative is to contribute & support the industry.

Newrest has proven its QHSE know-how through the relevance of its Integrated Management System (IMS). Newrest’s mature IMS led to the creation of its in-house health and safety label called “Safe by Newrest”. It reunites all proofs to collaborators and clients that the Group is delivering a safe catering service in a pandemic situation. The label already’s been awarded to over 230 Newrest sites.

It comes to addition to the 33 countries certified by ISO 9001:2015, 25 countries by the ISO 22000:2018 or FSSC 22000, 17 countries certified by the ISO 14001:2005 and 11 countries certified by the ISO 45001:2018.

 A new ACA project just been published: the Return Catering Guidance for food safety

Lately Newrest has participated in a working group on Return Catering, also known as “back-catering”. Return catering is a popular method of food catering in the airline industry. Its activity is explained in some internationally recognized guidance documents as the World Food Safety Guidelines (WFSG) for Airline Catering. It gives some generic guidance and cooperative approach proposal in the menu design phase.

As a result of this working group, and in collaboration with Mérieux NutriSciences, the ACA has published a scientific guidance document which provides QHSE orientation in the menu selection considering a set of time/temperature scenarios, based on predictive modelling. The document is to provide broad guidance on food safety processes and procedures. It also simplifies interactions between airlines and other stakeholders.

It follows Newrest’s involvement in the setting of COVID-19 ACA/IFSA guideline. As a continuum, Newrest is also involved in other experts working group which are still on-going. To mention 2 of them, Ramp Safety and Special Meals are topics worked by Newrest QHSE teams.

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Thu 03 2022

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