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2 years ago

Newrest renews its catering and integrated services partnership with ÖBB


An eight-years contract renewal based on the consumer experience and the environmental impact reduction

Committed to constantly improve the services offered to Nightjet passengers since 2010, ÖBB and Newrest extend their partnership for the next eight years. Thus, the French caterer will continue to develop integrated services for Austrian night trains.

550 Austrian collaborators are at the forefront of this partenership. Critical and technical know hows have been developped over time.

The ambition is clear with two priorities: continuously enhance the consumer experience and reduce itsenvironmental impact.
As new routes will soon open in the ÖBB traveling list, Newrest is looking forward to accompanying them. Together, the Group and the European night trains business leader aim at improving the quality of services operated on these new routes. Innovations are up to come to meet evolving passengers’ expectations.

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Newrest in first line on European night trains expansion

Lately, a strong political willingness to reconnect the European main cities led to the revival of the night train use. The night train revival aims to promote poor co2 emission transport solution and to offer a very rich customer experience. 

Newrest got multiple skills to support railway companies in their end-to-end on-board night train services offer. Therefore, it intends to be a key partner to this night train expansion thanks to its multiple and unique expertise in Europe.

Here are two examples of Newrest’s knowledge and commitment to its clients:

  • In Austria, the Group does everything on board: welcoming passengers, controlling tickets, selling tickets, preparing and serving all meals, cleaning, laundry, supervise locomotive changes, check train safety components (brakes, alarms), as well as ensuring the safety of passengers.
  • Recently, on board of the Connecting Europe Express, a Newrest brigade made 26,000 km day and night journey. They crossed 33 borders in 36 days, ensuring the comfort and tranquility of hundreds of passengers. It’s a unique performance made by a passionate on-board service team.

Newrest Wagons-Lits currently operates in France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain and Morocco in multiple sectors: high speed train, conventional speed day and night trains. It now offers all rail operators turnkey solutions for on-board services, logistics, and train management.


Thu 10 2021

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