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Newrest consolidates its position in the foodtech industry





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Meal delivery: the unmissable culinary trend

Since 2017, meal delivery has seen double-digit annual growth. The number of users of this mode of consumption in Europe jumped by 25% in 2020. The pandemic is an accelerator of this changing practice. As a direct cause and effect of COVID-19, kitchen productivity has declined. The group enriches its range of services and ensures the continuity of the passion that drives it. Newrest seizes the opportunity to expand its production by offering quality meals to new consumers. This same opportunity allows the group to reinforce its status as a forerunner in its segment.

A useful and innovative partnership

In this context, Newrest is proud to announce its partnership in France since the beginning of 2021 with the company Nestor. Nestor is a specialist in the preparation and delivery of meals for employees or individuals since 2015. The production unit located in Le Bourget is now a daily supplier of chilled meals. The chefs perform different recipes from Monday to Friday. Newrest, as a global player in catering, produces meals adapted to telework uses according to Nestor’s specifications. This approach is similar to that of the major airlines. Nestor therefore manages the proposed menu and the distribution of the dishes throughout the Paris region.

Newrest asserts itself in the foodtech industry

The group’s ambition is to adapt to the demands of companies and guests. This approach tends to be reproduced. The Order’eat platform developed by Newrest’s Digital Lab already accounts for 60,000 transactions per year. The group is also considering other ambitious partnerships to push its responses to new consumer trends through online catering concepts. The upcoming positioning on the Dark Kitchen market will be a new step in the affirmation of Newrest as a player in the foodtech industry.


About Newrest: 

Founded in 1996 as Catair, Newrest Group, chaired by Olivier Sadran and Jonathan Stent-Torriani, is now the only operator to operate in all catering and related service sectors: inflight catering, buy-on-board, duty free on board, catering, remote sites services, rail catering, airport catering concessions and motorways.

With 29,500 employees in 57 countries, Newrest Group, with a managed turnover of 1,365 billion euros in 2020, is also the world’s leading independent player in inflight catering.

Newrest is committed to a process of continuous improvement and innovation in the services offered to its customers, as well as in the well-being and progression of its employees and managers. The sustainable development of the company and the respect of social and environmental values are at the heart of its activities.

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Tue 04 2021

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