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Icelandair partners with Newrest Group for its catering services


Toulouse, December 15th, 2023 – Newrest, one of the world’s leading catering providers, today signed a long-term 12-year partnership to provide catering and logistics solutions for Icelandair.


Icelandair is a leading Icelandic airline offering flights to, from, via and within Iceland with exceptional service to cities in North America and Europe as well as domestic routes and freight & aircraft leasing services. Beginning February 1st, 2024, Newrest will be the home base caterer of Icelandair out of Keflavik, Iceland’s international hub airport.


The partnership with Icelandair is led by innovation in all aspects of procurement, inventory management, culinary design, quality control, digital solutions, and sustainability. The operations will take place in the catering unit of Keflavik International Airport. The unit will be fitted with the latest technologies and innovations that mirror Newrest Group and Icelandair’s environmental commitments to productivity and sustainability.


Bogi Nils Bogason, President and CEO Icelandair Group said: “We are excited to partner with Newrest, a company that has demonstrated its ability to manage important hubs for world-leading airlines in Europe and North America, key markets of Icelandair. This way, we can increase quality and efficiency and at the same time focus on what we do best; to operate an airline. In the process of evaluating a new partner, one of the key goals was to minimize changes to our great catering team, as their expertise will be key to building a world-class catering unit at Keflavik international airport to serve our customers well into the future.”


Jonathan Stent Torriani & Olivier Sadran Co-CEOs of Newrest Group stated We are honored to be working with Icelandair, an airline that demonstrated its ability to face numerous challenges over the past years while generating sterling customer satisfaction and financial results. As a new partner of Icelandair, we will support their strategy and future growth as well as dynamic and exciting on-board product development. The integration of the Icelandair Catering team into Newrest Group, with their immense catering experience and Icelandic passenger knowledge over more than 40-years, will be an essential driver in the success of this new partnership. We share the same values of humility, simplicity, efficiency, and responsibility with Icelandair and all its teams. Our ambition is to provide innovative solutions and enhance the current facility processes with the aim of achieving the highest level of satisfaction for Icelandair’s passengers while reducing our mutual environmental impact.


About Icelandair

With an extensive route network, Icelandair uses the unique geographical location of Iceland as a hub midway between Europe and North America. Additional to the international route network, Icelandair operates a domestic network in Iceland, an airfreight and logistics business as well as aircraft leasing and consulting services.

Since its foundation in 1937, Icelandair has steadily expanded its route network and, in 2023, will transport more than four million passengers to over 50 destinations in Europe and North America.


About Newrest

Founded in 1996 as Catair, Newrest Group, chaired by Olivier Sadran and Jonathan Stent-Torriani, is the only company to operate in all catering and related service sectors: inflight catering, buy-on-board, duty free on board, catering, remote sites services, rail catering, airport catering concessions and motorways.

With 40,280 employees in 54 countries, and turnover of 2,221 billion euros in 2023, Newrest Group is the world’s leading independent player in inflight catering. At the end of 2023 financial year (September), 96.5% of the group’s capital is held by its management, along Newrest’s minority partners Naxicap (3.5%).

Newrest is committed to a process of continuous improvement and innovation in the services offered to its customers, as well as in the well-being and progression of its employees and managers. The sustainable development of the company and the respect of social and environmental values are at the heart of its strategy.


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