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Wall Street Journal showcases Newrest HUB management expertise in Atlanta


Watch the video below for more information on how Newrest run its second largest unit in the USA:

Atlanta HUB expertise

It was the opportunity for the caterer team members to explain what they do daily to assure that passengers are happy, and aircrafts leave on time.

The unit of Atlanta being the most innovative, it was chosen by Delta Airlines amongst all their catering units in the USA. From brand new robots to digitization throughout the production process, technology is everywhere to focus the team on added value tasks and maintain a high level of information sharing at all times.

Olivier Sadran, co-president of the Newrest group:In order to improve its productivity and provide solutions to its customers, Newrest innovates: creation of robot assembly lines to mount the trays, development of an internal operational management system,creation of interfaces with customer information systems“.

Managing up to 450 flights per day, is the challenge taken up by Newrest in 2021 in Atlanta. It is the third and largest hub managed by Newrest in the USA for Delta Airlines.

The human factor remains the key to the success of this new contractual adventure. Thanks to the collective experience acquired over 15 years and the mobilization capacity that characterizes the group, more than 3,000 employees have been trained in hub management methods over the years

Newrest manages large airlines hub worldwide: in Montreal for Air Canada, in Gatwick for British Airways, in Houston for United Airlines and most recently throughout Scandinavia for Scandinavian Airlines (Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen).


Tue 04 2023

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