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Newrest introduces its new partner: Heineken !

Heineken Cambodia is the market leader in the premium segment and is one of the main companies in the Cambodian beer market. This brewer produces, markets, and distributes throughout the country its international and local brands: Heineken, Tiger, ABC Extra Stout, Anchor and Gold Crown.

The company turned to Newrest group for the catering services for its employees. Newrest Cambodia teams serve 350 employees per day for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.

newrest cambodge restauration

New collaboration with Aroma Success Garment!

Aroma Success Garment, located in Tang Sno village in Cambodia, is part of the Sabrina Group. The Sabrina Group plays an important role in the production of high quality garments in Cambodia. Newrest teams serve 500 employees lunch six days a week.

Congratulations to Newrest Cambodia teams!

newrest cambodge restauration

Healthy meals for the guests

Newrest innovates and launches the “Lunch healthy food” project to raise awareness among the employees of Laurelton Diamond Cambodia, to a healthy and balanced diet. This subsidiary of the company Tiffany and Co, recently acquired by the LVMH group, is a polished diamond manufacturing plant, where Newrest has been operating since 2014.

The health of employees is a priority for Laurelton Diamond Cambodia. Having a healthy and balanced diet includes reducing the consumption of sugar and salt during meals. A set of balanced dishes and menus are available to employees throughout the week.

Our employees, our future

Newrest has always wanted to ensure the well-being of its guests, whether it be by encouraging the practice of sports, or nutritional well-being. The group works with dieticians and health actors all over the world in order to propose quality and healthy menus.


Thu 03 2023

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