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Newrest rail catering expertise in Sweden!


Statens Järnvägar  (SJ), modernity meets comfort

SJ is state owned company and dominates the market for long distance trains. However, the market has been “free” for several years and there are many different train companies operating. SJ is still by far the largest one.

The main routes for SJ with food service are Stockholm-Göteborg, Stockholm-Malmö/Köpenhamn and Stockholm-Sundsvall Umeå, high speed trains. There is also Stockholm-Karlstad/Oslo, a mixture of highspeed trains and slower so-called Intercity trains and Stockholm-Dalarna, (Falun/Mora), predominantly Intercity trains.

Swedish railway is well developed and operated by some of the most modern trains in the world.

Newrest Group is now part of the adventure

In December 2014, former Newrest’s partner Inflight Logistics took over the contract. Almost 10 years later, Newrest has joined forces with SJ to propose the best of trains services. The international catering solutions provider counts 70 collaborators carrying out about 220 loading and offloading operation days and nights.


SJ designs the catering experience and Newrest takes care of the rest. Suppliers deliver goods on Newrest’s logistics hubs where trolleys are prepared before being delivered key side to 50 high speed trains daily.


Deliveries are done using electrical trucks only, an initiative part of the group CSR charter aiming at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sweden Statens Järnvägar

Meet our talents

Meet Annika Melin, she is the rail Business Unit Manager in Sweden.

She talks about her experience with Statens Järnvägar (SJ), as she’s been working with it for 9 years.

Thank you Annika for sharing your experience !

Sweden Statens Järnvägar


Thu 04 2023

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