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3 years ago

Newrest caters the new Salt Lake City International Airport


On September 15th, Salt Lake City International Airport opened to sleep-new look. Incorporating features that highlight the uniqueness of the local surrounding. High, slanted ceilings showcasing Utah’s beautiful mountainscape while also offering an eco-friendly approach to insulating the new airport in the winter months. This momentous milestone has been in the works for the last 5 years. Luxury can be found throughout the airport and in especially in Delta’s sky club, the largest in the Delta system.Imaginations ran while only a year ago as the team walked the barely constructed halls of the now luxurious Salt Lake City Airport. Newrest SLC team is experiencing the new airport, catering the very first flight taking off from the new terminal. Newrest is looking forward to the next phases of airport terminal opening and being a part of Salt Lake City’s growth.


Fri 09 2020

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