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The One Team Unlimited Challenge continues, here are the latest challenges completed by Newrest teams

Uganda gets ready for the Olympic Games

On December 7 and 8, 2023, Newrest Uganda have organized Olympics games for its employees.

The program included 5 sports and fun games in which 6 teams competed. Tug-of-war, sack race, bottle-filling games, egg race, musical chair.

Participants also took the opportunity to clean up the path leading to the Newrest site, demonstrating their commitment to the environment.

Congratulations to the winners of the Olympics, the “Les Perroquets” team from the production department, and to everyone else for their participation!

This event was a real moment of happiness and conviviality and helped strengthen team spirit.

Colombia embarks on an ecological challenge

In October, the units in Colombia organized an ecological outing full of environmental awareness-raising activities.

30 employees left Bogotá for the Periland Eco Park in Cajicá, where they took part in a stretching session led by Nelson Rico, their wellness coordinator.

They then learned about native species and local biodiversity, with each participant receiving two native species to plant, a unique opportunity to actively contribute to sustainable development, strengthening ties and leaving a green footprint in Periland’s eco-park.

The activities ended with a snack, with the Green Forests Foundation issuing certificates for each species planted, thus partially offsetting the carbon footprint.

Costa Rica at the top

Once again, this year, Costa Rica gave us an exceptional challenge.

On December 15, a mountain outing was organized in Costa Rica for members of the Newrest team. They covered 10 km on the Mantra Trail, a circuit offering magnificent views of the surrounding nature. It was a great opportunity to strengthen bonds between colleagues and enjoy a convivial moment.

The group looks forward to sharing the challenges of 2024!

Fri 12 2023

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