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4 months ago

An ambitious partnership project for Newrest Laos


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In 2023, the global inflation deeply affected fuel, farming material and consumables prices. Newrest Laos had to find ways to properly maintain their fruits & vegetables supply chain and be delivered on time.

To overcome this challenges, Newrest has decided to start up a huge project. The goal is to create partnerships with farmers to purchase local, healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Newrest Laos first looks for potential local partners, then supports them technically and train & advise them.  After contracts are signed, there is a follow-up of the operations with the delivery of local products made by farmers.


The actors involved

This initiative is based on promoting circular economy, empowering local communities and enhancing performance. The main objective is to provide technical as well as financial support to targeted farmers so that they can improve their production techniques and capabilities.

The partners are selected according to different criteria, including motivation. Then, they are fully integrated into the project and a Farming Plan is created with them for the coming seasons.

Next steps along with workshops are organized with all farmers to enable them to discuss successes, difficulties and share good practices.

How the project has been possible 

Aiming at successfully implementing these ambitious actions, Newrest Laos made some major changes in its organization. They’ve hired a CSR Projects Manager and CSR Projects Field Coordinator, as well as a local workers for support. Then, the QHSE manager has been trained to respond at CSR matters.

Newrest Laos has increased the allocated budget for CSR Projects, with the aim of making the most of it.


What’s next ? 

The aim is to extend the project through the integration of new farmers and new villages. Also they want to train more the farmers and develop a new high-performance seeds, to be always more efficient.

We cannot wait to see the evolution of this wonderful initiative !

Tue 12 2023

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